Breakfast Mainstays

FEATURING: Local Farm Fresh Eggs, Breads from Nantucket Bakery & Boars Head Bacon, Meats & Cheeses.

$5.95 Whole Grain Steel-Cut Oatmeal

Steel cut oats, choice of toasted almonds, walnuts, candied pecans, dried Michigan cherries, apples, bananas & brown sugar.

$4.95/$5.95 Buttermilk Pancakes

Two delicious buttermilk pancakes. Also available loaded with blueberry, banana, or chocolate chips.

$6.99 French Toast

Challah, vanilla custard, blueberry & strawberry compote, powdered sugar, syrup and fruit.

$5.95 The Basics

Two eggs, Bacon slice, spuds and toast.

Trailhead Scrambles

All scrambles are served with Trailhead spuds and toast. Egg whites, Plain & cheese scrambles are available.

$6.95 Trailhead

Tomato, mushroom, scallion, tavern ham, bacon, roasted red peppers, cream cheese.

$6.95 Santa Fe

Chorizo, green chili, pico de gallo, avocado, chipotle gouda, red pepper sauce.

$6.95 Fat Tire

Bacon, sausage, tavern ham, onion, mushroom, red & green peppers, Vermont white cheddar and baby swiss.

$6.95 Western

Tavern ham, red and green pepper, red onion, cheddar cheese.

$6.95 Greek

Tomato, scallion, feta, spinach, and greek seasoning.

Specialty Egg Sandwiches

Served with Trailhead Spuds or fruit.

$6.50 Breakfast Burrito

Chorizo, pico de gallo, avocado, Vermont cheddar, flour tortilla, sour cream side.

$6.95 Cascade

Ham, tomato, scallion, cream cheese, Panini style on sourdough.

$6.95 Kent

Bacon, onion, roasted red pepper, spinach, cheddar, panini style on three cheese garlic sourdough.

$4.95/$5.95 Trailhead Muffin

Fried egg, Bacon or Tavern Ham, and Cheese on an English muffin. Add egg or fruit for an additional dollar.

$.75 Cheese (add on)

American, baby swiss, chipotle gouda, gorgonzola, feta, Vermont white cheddar, horseradish cheddar, aged provalone, dill havarti.

$.65 Dressing (add on)

Cilantro buttermilk, hot bacon, roasted sesame vinaigrette, spicy Thai peanut, cherry vinaigrette, honey balsamic, mediterranean vinaigrette, Caesar, Russian, orange ginger.

$0.35 Aioli (add on)

Basil, roasted red pepper, oregano, blue cheese, garlic, chipotle, regular mayo, bistro, honeycomb mustard.